Pergamy takes off at ADVEO World Germany

One year again, during the 29th and 30th of November, one of the biggest events in the sector of stationery and office supplies in Germany took place in Mainz: ADVEO World 2017.

A landmark event, with more than 650 visitors, which hosted the main brands and generated excellent synergies and impressions among all attendees.

This was expressed by Daniel, our Adveo Own Brands Marketing Manager in Germany:

“Adveo World Germany has been a great event and opportunity to present

Pergamy, the first of the new Adveo Exclusive brands, to our dealers. Seeing their reaction and enthusiasm for the project first hand is highly motivating”

 The presentation of the first new exclusive brand of ADVEO: Pergamy had high expectations, with a total of 80 listeners, who showed special interest in the different product ranges and the new Adveo Own Brand Positioning strategies within the market.

Pergamy presented its new ranges of stationery and school and office supplies within the event, in an impactful Stand that showcased the powerful brand communication campaign that emphasizes the added valut the brand can bring to the day-to-day of the end customer.

The Pergany Stand was also an excellent meeting point for Adveo employees, dealers and suppliers, who found in Adveo World an excellent opportunity meet & greet, leveraging this networking opportunity and establishing essential contacts for the incoming year.